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  • Jay Ambrose uses state of the art sound and video equipment combined with seamless and personalized installations.
  •  I meet all your needs and provide high quality systems at any budget. 
  • I do not make a commission for selling equipment like most installers so am not encouraged to sell specific equipment that benefits me so I focus on the best gear for you.
  •  I offer the best equipment for your specific needs and stay within your budget. 
  • I bring the experience of studying sound and music as a session trumpet and bass player for over 30 years, my service is the best because my systems are fine tuned with a musicians ear and produce a level of clarity and detail that is unmatched. 

Clients include:

Balthazar, NYC
Minetta Tavern, NYC
Sullivan Street Bakery and Cafe, NYC

Augustine, NYC
Cherche Midi, NYC
Chavellas, Brooklyn
Walters, Brooklyn
Apollonia, Brooklyn
Karasu, Brooklyn
Walter Foods, Brooklyn
Morandi, NYC

Beloved World Yoga, Jersey City, NJ
Franklin820, Brooklyn

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