Headphone Repair

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Repairing or recycling your headphones greatly benefits the environment. When you buy a new pair, resources are used and pollution is created to produce and transport them.  Non-biodegradable waste is created when you throw them away.  When you have them repaired that pollution and waste are not created. When we use parts from other broken pairs they are not becoming waste. 

Same day Service! 

90 Day warranty!

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Schedule an appointment for same day service in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn NY


Mail-in or hand deliver to secure PO Box.

Beats, Bose and all other powered headphones

Only authentic parts are used.

Audio plug replacement and cable repair splicing

3.5mm stereo and 4 pole plugs 

Ultra-pure solder and my technique developed over 10 years is used to give your headphones a new life.

I can splice and repair any damaged cable on any device or appliance. 

  • 90 day service warranty!
  • 10+ years experience in exclusive headphone repair and thousands of headphones repaired!!
  • I use specialized equipment to remove polymer coatings and impurities in the wire to provide an extremely pure solder connection. 

Rebuilt headphones for sale: 

Prices include free signature confirmation delivery, 14 day money back guarantee, and 90 day warranty.

Email HeadphoneRepair@gmail.com to purchase

Audio Technica Ath-M50x- $89


M50's are known for their nice even tone and this pair delivers. I am always impressed every time I hear an M50 and this model has been a staple of Audio Technica. They are super sturdy and durable so they are great for live DJ'ing and because of their even tone they are great for a wide range of music and video listening. Includes leather carrying bag and short, long, and coiled detachable cables.